Tomahawk Target repair

The Boy Scouts have had a blast with the Tomahawk Targets but had to bring them in for repair after a few campouts.  It turns out that they really need a backer board.  I had some leftover 3/4″ OSB sitting on the side of my house so I cut it down to fit the backs of the targets.  One target was pretty much only holding together with friction but the second one wasn’t too busted up and I screwed the backer right to it.  I took all the pieces out of the first one and painstakingly glued them all back together and mounted them back in the frame.  One corner of the frame had come loose from the screws so I had to install some 5″ screws to replace the 2 1/2″ ones that I originally used.  If I ever make these targets again I will use longer screws in the frame.


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